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dMT Ecotech GmbH, with its headquarters in Grasbrunn near Munich and a subsidiary in the US, is an owner-managed company specializing in preventive maintenance measures with a focus on SPC® protective coatings. The product portfolio including several products and services is dedicated to preventive maintenance on various systems in industrial and logistics operations.
With over 35 years of combined experience and successfully implemented projects, we are confident that our preventive solutions can significantly increase the availability of your machines and minimize costly downtime.
The focus is on European industrial and logistics markets, with rapid expansion into important industrial markets such as North America and Asia-Pacific. Our comprehensive references from well-known companies in sectors such as automotive, steel, copper, aluminum, foundries, secondary smelters, paper, cement, limestone, gypsum, chipboard, container terminals, shipyards, etc. confirm a long-term cooperation. Logistics and distribution centers in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries also benefit from working with dMT Ecotech.

Environment / Sustainability

Integrating sustainable and environmentally friendly products and processes into the heavy manufacturing and logistics sector is always a big challenge.
We are trying to contribute by striving to only offer products and services that are not harmful to nature and the environment, neither during manufacturing nor during application.
Our Team


Our Team

Our small but diverse team consist of valued and talented people of many nationalities, and we are proud to have them representing our company to clients and partners with their competence, integrity, and enthusiasm.
As a team, we believe that providing excellent customer support and technical advice builds positive, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, partners and customers. We would like to use these synergies to reduce wear problems worldwide to ensure sustainability and machine availability.

If our product portfolio does not offer you any economic or technical added value, we will inform you accordingly based on our own experience and your information during consultation and our inspection of your equipment. Our focus is on systems that need to be optimized in terms of the service life of wearing parts or availability. Our products and services can prevent most of them as well as preventively reduce signs of wear, but there will always be systems where implementation is not possible or where the cost-benefit factor is simply not given.

Your project with dMT Ecotech

Your project with dMT Ecotech

Increase your productivity

and reduce your maintenance effort with our innovative solutions in the field of preventive maintenance. Together we analyze your equipment on-site and create a tailor-made concept that supports you in reducing your downtimes in the long term.

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