dMT WRL - Wire Rope Lubricator

One of our very effective and economical lubrication systems is the WRL - Wire Rope Lubricator – a handy system which cleans and simultaneously lubricates all sizes of wire ropes.


Cleaning the rope immediately before adding the lubricant ensures effective coating of the surfaces.  Additionally, forcing lubricant into the core of the rope under very high pressure reduces friction between wire filaments, ensuring much less surface wear, substantially longer rope operating-lives and safe load capacity.


Manually lubricating wire ropes is time consuming, costly and relatively ineffective because the rope is often not well cleaned before. In addition, lubricant cannot penetrate to the core of the rope.

The result: Rope fatigue due to uncontrolled friction!  Internal wires weaken, the rope surface frays and a costly rope exchange

Regular application of our WRL System provides economical protection to wire ropes and drums, reduces maintenance time and expenses and worker risk of injury.

Setting-up the system for application is relatively fast and simple.  The actual rope cleaning and lubrication process of the WRL System is practically automatic and brief.  System performs well at rope speeds even up to 1000 m/h.



Quick and simple application

Superior lubrication results

Single-pass treatment

Applicable for all rope diameters

Cleans off old grease and grime

Displaces moisture from rope core

Corrosion inhibitor

Lubricates right to the core

Protects ropes, rope drums, guide pulleys

Extend rope lives by factor of 2-3 X

Extend re-lubrication intervals

Vastly reduces maintenance costs / time

Increases worker safety



WRL Systems are supplied as complete systems ready for immediate use. After receiving your wire rope specifications and purchase order, we assemble a unit to fit your application.  WRL Systems are available in three models:  Maxi-MkII, Mid-MkII and Mini- MkII for rope diameters from 6 mm – 165 mm (0.25 in. – 6.50 in).


The collar (green) is made from sturdy aluminum alloy with wear-resistant, protective coating. Seals, scrapers and other accessories delivered to fit your rope diameter.  Each system is provided in a robust aluminum case for carrying and safe storage.


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