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Rotating Kilns & Drum Dryers – General Information


SPC® surface protective products are ideal for application on types of rotating equipment such as kilns, dryers, mills and mixers.


SPC® block units are contained inside of our unique DRR-Systems which are to be mounted to support rollers or riding rings.  These units are custom-made to precisely fit the width of the surfaces to be coated, delivered as complete units and with installation instructions. Mounting is relatively simple and inexpensive.  Worker training or modifications of your unit and its operation are not necessary.



SPC® surface protective products will continually coat support and drive rollers of rotating equipment with a solid, micro-thin film which maintains an optimum coefficient of friction for your unit.


Applied to a support roller on one side of the ring pier, this self-applying coating will transfer to the riding tube ring which then transfer part of the coating to the opposite support roller.

Except in extreme wear situations, it is enough to coat the support roller on one side of the equipment only.


While under constant spring pressure of the DRR unit, the blocks continually renew the optimum coating as the steel support roller rotates past the unit.



SPC® surface coatings are a mixture of special proprietary components (without graphite) which bond strongly with the metal surfaces and create a pre-determined, optimum coefficient of friction for use in numerous industrial applications.


SPC® surface protective products are also ideal for applications in which conventional lubricants (pastes and oils) cannot be used (wheel slippage risk), high dust contamination present or a clean environment is required.








Please contact us with your questions and inquiries.  We will be pleased to provide more detailed information and consultation.


To learn more about reference applications with our well-known customers, just provide us your specific industrial branch (such as steel plant, iron or aluminum casting, cement, limestone, gypsum, hazardous waste incineration, building materials, etc.) and type of rotating equipment (kiln, dryer, etc.)

Choose equipment showing excessive metal wear at your plant and test us and our products.  Immediately begin increasing parts lives and reduce unnecessary shut-down!




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