AS/RS Stacker Cranes


SPC® anti-wear systems substantially reduce critcal surface wear of metal parts, especially wheels, guide rollers and rails of AS/RS stacker cranes in high-bay warehouses.

Due to risting operational demands on these cranes, surface wear at wheels and rails on AS/RS stacker cranes also increases. This leads to expensive wheel replacement and expensive milling of the rails.


SPC® coatings reduce metal wear on wheels, guide rollers and rails of such equipment

up to 80%, resulting in an increasement of the operating lives of these parts by a factor of 3 to 5 times.


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The application of SPC® anti-wear systems can drastically reduce maintenance expenditures on AS/RS stacker cranes.


Reduce the impacts caused by the critical surface wear and profile disortions at the wheel-rail contact, which results in expensive wheel replacement, expensive rail milling and costly downtimes.


Minimize labor costs, material costs and unnecessary downtimes of AS/RS stacker cranes by applying  SPC® anti-wear systems!

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