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SPC® anti-wear coatings substantially reduce mechanical surface wear and metal flaking on wheel treads / flanges and railheads on all types of wheel / rail connected conveying equipment.


Especially older cranes can be overloaded, no longer in alignment, altered by the end-user to run faster or carry heavier loads beyond the design parameters of the crane manufacturer. Sometimes parts replaced previously were not of a required quality. These causes will increase the wear on metal surfaces and create flaking and pitting.  The moving parts and supporting rails wear-out faster and must be replaced or resurfaced at high cost and possible unplanned production shut-down.


SPC® surface protective coatings can reduce the surface wear on such wheels and rails by up to 80 %. Thereby increasing the operating lives of parts by 3 to 5 times!


Please contact us with your questions and inquiries.  We will be pleased to provide more detailed information and consultation.

To learn more about reference applications with our well-known customers, just provide us your specific industrial branch (such as automotive manufacturing, steel plant, aluminum casting, logistics, cement & limestone, building materials, container terminals and port operations, etc.


Choose equipment showing excessive  metal wear at your plant and test us and our products.  Immediately begin increasing parts lives and reduce unnecessary shut-down!



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